Online Casino Trends

Online Casino Trends In 2019


  • The rise of VR (Virtual Reality)

How cool it would be to play slots and poker filling your eyes and ears with ‘almost real visuals’ and adrenaline jolting audio of a live casino? Yes, we’re talking about the VR (Virtual Reality) Casino games that are about to hit the mainstream mobiel online casino.  VR poker is almost there to take the gameplay to a whole new level. We hope the game developers won’t disappoint roulette and blackjack lovers like us in 2019.

  • The continued growth of crypto

Slowly but surely, players are using cryptocurrency tokens for financial transactions. Though the number of online casinos accepting crypto for deposit and withdrawal is not that high, in 2019, we expect the numbers to increase.  There are some casinos like Grand Mondial casino online that doesn’t accept direct crypto payments but accept them via Skrill account. Direct or via Skrill, crypto is sure to expand its niche.

  • Live games are to get better Reviews

And on the subject of live games, they are a reality now and we can expect bigger things in 2019.  With streaming platforms and big shot online casinos making ties with each other, we predict more live table game portfolios. With more live games onboard, the players can experience a deeper sense of immersion and more fluidity in terms of player-dealer interaction.

  • Even more Gamification

Player interaction is at the prime focus considering the great success of the trend Casumo, Rizk, and Kaboo has started back in 2016-17. Another trend that is expected to explode in 2019 is gamification. Online casino sites are, in fact, implementing gamification with awesome reward systems and bonuses when achieving certain levels. It may also involve new challenges, missions, or competitions to keep the faithful players occupied.